Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey, Y'all

I'm Bryan of Why Now? and I'm located at the other end of the island, where the uniforms are Air Force and the Island is Okaloosa.

While your genial host is away I'll be popping in to annoy you.

I was listening to WUWF's business report on Friday and they were talking about putting together a package to attract a start-up tech business. Of course these deals always include tax breaks.

Well, I just found it on the WEAR-TV site. Two million dollars in tax breaks from Pensacola, not bad.

Isn't it amazing that officials don't have a problem giving tax breaks to a business with no track record, but think long-term lease holders need to pay taxes in addition to their lease payments. I assume that the business is going to have a bigger effect on government services than a two-bedroom condo on the beach, but the condo owner needs to pay taxes, while the business doesn't.

It must be a Zen thing.

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