Thursday, February 23, 2006

PODS People

From WUWF News:
PODS - Portable On Demand Storage - have been cropping up across Pensacola since Hurricane Ivan. So much so, that the City Council is now considering an ordinance to restrict their use in residential areas. City officials say the temporary storage units have been made permanent by many, and have become what some call "virtual clutter and eyesores." Such a proposal could go before the Council sometime this spring.
I'm not a fan of these containers, but what are people supposed to do as they wait for insurance companies and government agencies to settle claims? The blue tarps are not exactly something people want covering their roofs, but what do you do while waiting for a permanent fix?

There are a lot of patches and temporary fixes around the area, and they generally do not improve property values, but there are probably other things for the City to deal with, and people whose lives were altered by a major hurricane don't need another aggravation.


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