Saturday, March 05, 2005

Surfing Florida Blogs

For a good time, look down the right side of this blog's front page and check out what's up on other Florida blogs. News, views, funny stuff, and some pretty good writing, too.

Hatless shares an overheard conversation in a Doctor's Waiting Room as an Man and a Mother watch a Kid playing with a Gameboy.
MAN: We didn't have games like that when I was your age. My mother made me play in the hall closet. She liked to keep the place clean. * * * The living room, we called it the museum.

WOMAN: With plastic on the furniture?

MAN: Yeah, yeah.

WOMAN: Everyone had that. There's nothing wrong with that.

MAN: No. I guess it wasn't so bad.

ME [piping in]: Except that you're afraid of the dark to this day.

MAN: That's actually sort of true.
* * *

Blog de Leon shares a sad archived photo of hearses carrying away the dead after the devastating hurricane of 1926 and speculates about the next one to hit South Florida. "The moral of the story," he suggests," is that everybody who lives in Florida has a shared liability, and the anti-tax crowd in Jacksonville shouldn't complain about sharing the cost of this summer's hurricanes."
* * *

Today's editorial in the Pensacola News Journal scores Alan Greenspan for being "practically incoherent" as he swings wildly to extremes, from supporting Bush's massive tax cuts a year ago to pointing out they will be the ruin of America. Bark-Bark, Woof-Woof impolitely snarls that Greenspan has become "just an old guy in a loincloth talking to himself." There's a reproduction of a funny Tom Toles cartoon, too.
* * *

Blogwood is shaking his head over the GOP-proposed bankruptcy bill being debated by the Senate. The bottom line is right there at the top of the page:
"It’s a horrible bill for workers, a perfect opportunity for Democrats to stand up for the common man, but many Dems are standing with their GOP cohorts as they get ready to throw a meaty bone to the already fat credit card industry."

* * *

Bayciti reports that The Donald doesn't need an 'apprentice' for the new Trump Tower Tampa so much he needs as an archeologist.
* * *

Two Florida blogs, Bayciti and Sticks of Fire, are jointly wringing their hands over the possible closure of MacDill Air Force Base. "Why not build a couple theme parks?" asks Sticks. "Is that crazy?"
* * *

In a late February Gainsville Report Colin Whitworth remembers starting out his career as a writer under the deep influence of the later Hunter Thomson. And not always for the better.
* * *

Favor all those proposals, do you, for privatizing schools, prisons, Social Security, Medicare, child welfare, and even the military? Want to see vast streams of government funds diverted to the private sector? Consider the long-term implications, South of Swannee suggests, inspired by and quoting Miami Herald columnist Robert Steinbeck: "With no common tribal history, and no sense of shared social commitment post-privatization, what generator of national unity will remain for us as Americans?"

Maybe greed, avarice, and gluttony?
* * *

Hot Wax Residue is mad at owners of professional hockey teams for greedily locking out the players.
"I've decided that I do not plan to go back to hockey when (if) the lockout ends. Oh, sure, I'll still watch it on TV. For free. Preferably in a bar somewhere, so I'm not even paying for the satellite feed. But it will be a long, long time before I go back to the Ice Palace (or St Pete Times Forum, or whatever) for an NHL game - whether the lockout ends or not."

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