Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Citizens Seeks Time-Out

Paige St. John is reporting that Citizens Property Insurance lawyer Curtis Hutchins thinks the best way to clean up the state-owned insurance company's backlog of 3,510 unresolved hurricane claims is to change the law and time-bar them. Incredible.

Maybe Hutchins has forgotten: nearly a thousand of those pending claims are bogged down in a series of class action lawsuits that Citizens actually started when it sued a disabled Perdido Key couple
for making a claim. It's anyone's guess how much more time was lost when Citizens embarked on a secondary strategy of delaying pending claims cases while it shopped for more favorable judges.

Citizens Property habitually blames its own failings on the law, or on its customers, or on individual judges, or on Mother Nature, or on anyone else it can dream up. Never on its own incompetence, willful indifference, unethical, and even criminal behavior.

It's past time for to hold Citizens Property Insurance accountable for its own chronic mismanagement.

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