Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pensacola Beach 'Mogul' on 'American Inventor' Tonight

Pensacola Beach resident Carlos Patrick Reid -- better known as "Patrick" to his friends -- can be seen tonight on ABC-TV's "American Inventor" reality show. He's one of the finalist "inventors" competing in the TV network's Tampa regional run-off.

We understand ABC camera crews were here a short time ago to film some background material on Patrick and his family.

This is an exciting opportunity not only for Patrick but for millions of others who live along the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast. Patrick has invented "a revolutionary method of building inexpensive, indestructible homes" using feather-weight blocks of amazingly strong composite material.

The network promo for tonight's show teases his invention idea pretty well. Unfortunately, it also contains a bit of silliness. Based merely on having an interest in a small rental property as well as his family's beach condo, ABC-TV refers to Patrick as a "real estate mogul." Take a look at the boldface, below:
Wednesday, July 11 at 9/8c"Episode 205"

The nationwide search for America's next big invention continues with open casting calls in Houston and Tampa. Highlights include a device designed to help busty women and a real estate mogul -- inspired by the Hurricane Katrina tragedy -- giving an emotional pitch for a revolutionary method of building inexpensive, indestructible homes.
We beach people know who the actual "real estate moguls" are on Pensacola Beach. To his credit, Patrick isn't one of them. He's too nice a guy, and wants to help other people too much, to qualify as a "mogul" around here.

Here's hoping Patrick wins the Tampa regional and parlays the $50,000 'development' award prize into a terrific product for coastal dwellers everywhere.

If you have access to ABC-TV, tune in tonight to American Inventor to find out how you can vote for Carlos Patrick Reid. If you threw your TV out the window after one or another Fox News outrage -- not to worry. Invention hound Seth Plattner will be live-blogging the show, too.

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