Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Light on News

Can't understand why home deliveries of the Pensacola News Journal are down. Maybe it has something to do with this:

We are assuming the Pensacola News Journal was light on news again, today, since the brisk morning breeze seems to have whisked the paper out of the receptacle attached to our mailbox and blown it all away. This is happening more and more frequently.

Today, we found only one pathetic page, trapped beneath the tire of a parked car a quarter block away. We know it was ours because we are now the only daily newspaper subscriber in our neighborhood. The only one.

If the publisher of a dying newspaper insists on saving money by shorting the news pages every few days, the least he could do is give what little remains some added heft by attaching something heavy to it -- like a lead fishing weight, maybe, or a leftover toy from the McDonald's kid's meals they'll be serving at the next Gannett Publishing Co. annual banquet.

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