Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Sabbatical

Friends, family, bloggers, an antagonist or two, and even spam artists are wondering whatever has become of Beach Blogger? Apologies are due all around. Consider us as groveling for your forgiveness.

We're very well, thank you for asking, and as happy, sassy, and cynical as ever.

We originally intended to take a short time off. But after a much too-abbreviated respite in a couple of westerly locations, we squarely confronted the reality that BP's oil spill had shoved another project of ours onto a back burner, and far too long at that. All in all, we lost three months on a looming deadline.

We blame Tony Hayward and BP, of course. If Ken Feinberg thinks he's seen some dicey damage claims, wait until he gets ours for missing the entry deadline for the Fredrick Jackson Turner award.

Our blogging compadre, Barrier Island Girl, wistfully sighs through an email she sent us the other day that it looks like we've 'taken back our life.' Not quite. We've just imprisoned it inside another passion for the time being.

Wait a bit more. Blogging will resume shortly, though it likely will be light. In the meantime, we recommend you consult our blogging neighbors Why Now? and Barrier Island Girl. They're both superb.