Thursday, December 22, 2005

Getting to 'Now' You

An interesting thing about the blogging boom is the occasional glimpse one gets about some particular blogger or another whom you've been following but don't know personally.

We mentioned Jane Hamsher the other day. Best guess is that a lot of her blog fans started reading her on the worthy firedoglake blog long before they realized that she more or less discovered Quentin Tarantino before he was Quentiion Tarantino (which is the subject of the first half of her intelligent and entertaining book, Killer Instinct.)

Florida's own Bryan of Why Now?, in nearby Cinco Bayou, is another case in point. Who'd have thought that he's a former National Security Agency operative?

Note to Patrick Fitzgerald: We didn't out Why Now's wife. And we'll go to jail before saying who did.

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Domoni said...

You have me linked as a Florida blogger, but I have a Pensacola Beach connection. In the early 80's I lived in Pensacola and owned a bookstore in Gulf Breeze. I even did a little writing for the Gulf Breeze Sentinel. I can't tell you how much time I spent on PB. I left Florida for 20 years, but finally made it back this year.