Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Riverbend On Prize List

Via The Diplomatic Times Review we learn that the anonymous Riverbend's superb Baghdad Burning blog and the compilation of her evocative blog posts is in contention for the BBC-4's annual Samuel Johnson Prize for best non-fiction.

Last year, the blog also had a short run Off-Browdway in the form of a play. "Not a very good play," Times' drama critic Jason Zinoman wrote at the time, "but it's worth your attention for two reasons. It's the only political drama in New York written from the point of view of an Iraqi who lived through the American invasion, and, for better or worse, it inaugurates an entirely new (and seemingly inevitable) theatrical genre - the blog play."

Now that the traditional barriers are coming down and you don't have to publish an actual book or stage play to win a literary prize, do you suppose Katherina Harris is hoping her Senate campaign wins a Tony Award for Best Comedy of the Year?

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