Sunday, March 19, 2006

TV As It Was Intended

Sick and tired of commercial cable news channels anchored by shallow fashion models and dyspeptic, self-promoting cranks? Ready to throw a shoe at those phony TV "experts" who are always shouting at you between endless advertisements for mood-altering drugs, high-priced credit cards, mountain-climbing gas guzzlers, and jeans for puerile teens?

Looking for an authentic politician who stands on principle?

Give a listen to Friday's Charlie Rose interview with Russ Feingold, now available on the web.
  • Direct, well informed, challenging questions delivered in a conversational tone of voice
  • Direct, informative, and candid answers -- also delivered in a conversational tone
  • Nobody's shallow 'talking points' to demean your intelligence
  • No commercial interruptions
  • 30 minutes of television the way it should be
Bonus interview: Christopher Buckley, author of the hilarious novel (just released as a movie) titled, "Thank You For Smoking." He's interviewed along with producer David O. Sacks and lead actor Aaron Eckhart (extensive clips from the new film included).

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