Monday, July 31, 2006

Bushwacker Festival '06


A lot of people have been emailing to ask us about this, so here is what we know:

Jubilee Restaurant is still closed, but the Pensacola Beach Bushwacker Festival will go on this weekend (Aug. 4-6) as usual. At least, so says the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce.

Sorry, we can't find any lineup of the musical groups. The claimed 'headquarters' for this increasingly dispersed, beach-wide drink-and-music festival supposedly is at Cap't Fun on Quietwater Boardwalk. (The actual lineage and the real inventor of the Bushwacker is a vastly more complicated story, about which you do not want to know.)

For reasons which escape us entirely, the August calendar on the Capt'n Fun web site is blank and the old Jubilee web site seemingly has become an orphan. Historians will find last year's schedule still visible. Futurists can wait 11 more years and it will be right, again.

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled blogging.



Anonymous said...

Bag of Donuts is playing Friday.

Anonymous said...

Dash Rip Rock is playing also
on Saturday at 3pm
see website