Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Terrorist Targets

The Department of Homeland Security has been busy publicly identifying potential terrorist targets across America.

Among the endangered sites which would be protected by the Bush Administration's proposed $32.1 billion HSD appropriation for next year are:
  • The Amish Popcorn Factory
  • Nix Check Cashing Centers
  • A bait and tackle shop somewhere
  • A "Mall at Sears"
  • An "Ice Cream Parlor"
  • A "Donut Shop, and
  • An "Anti-Cruelty Society” somewhere.
Feel safer now?

A few of the listed "terrorist targets" Homeland Security wants to guard vigilantly have names unique enough that we can picture them in our minds -- mostly because the pictures are easily available on the web. We've mixed them up a bit -- just to fool any jihadist readers on Pensacola Beach, Yemen, or wherever.




Bryan said...

I think your bottom picture belongs with your top caption.

This is pretty absurd, but there is no oversight and input was probably outsourced.

Beach Blogger said...

Actually, Bryan, all the captions and photos are hopelessly mixed up. We were striving for that incompetent "Homeland Security" look.