Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Whadda ya think? (Reader poll)

In his inimitable way, Billmon reminds us that Rumsfeld wasn't the only member of this administration to whom Mr. Bush pledged his undying loyalty just a few days ago.

Also, reader paperfrog in today's comments section makes this prediction: "Cheney will 'retire' next. Early 2007, maybe."

Whadda ya think?

Will Dick Cheney be the next to go?
Yes. Paperfrog is right - he'll 'resign' by the end of 2007.
I hope not. Who would babysit George W.?
No. Cheney will never leave office, ever. He thinks he's dictator for life.
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1 comment:

paperfrog said...

I will add to my bold list of the soon-to-be-damned John R. Bolton, the worst US ambassador to the United Nations of all time.

Remember: you didn't read it in the PNJ. You read it on the Pensacola Beach Blog first.