"a public forum on Nov. 18 [a Saturday] to discuss the future of Santa Rosa Island," according to the Pensacola News Journal.
"The forum will be at 9:30 a.m. the Noonin Center, First Presbyterian Church, 33 E. Gregory St. Lawyer M.J. Menge and Escambia County Commissioner Mike Whitehead will discuss the island’s history, the establishment of the Santa Rosa Island Authority and its responsibilities."
The announcement adds, "the presentation will include the recent proposal to consider abolishing the Island Authority."

There's no mention whether the League's discussion will include all the county study reports over the past twenty years which document, time and again, why it's a terrible idea to turn island government over to Escambia County commissioners who famously busy themselves by soliciting developer money to fuel their own political ambitions.

No matter how many times you drive a stake through the heart of this very bad idea and think you've buried it for good, avaricious interests manage to drag it back out of the coffin to save Buck Lee's skin and let Whitehead start sucking the last drop of blood from Pensacola Beach.

If the League intends to host a truly informational public discussion about good government on Pensacola Beach, why has it not included an advocate for self-governance through municipal incorporation? Someone like Kent Marple or ex-SRIA board member Don Ayres, for example, both of whom devoted the better part of two years to in-depth analysis of all the alternatives for governing Pensacola Beach.