Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fredo's Failing Memory

“I now understand there was a conversation with myself and the president."

-- U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, testimony before the
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
(AP, April. 19, 2007)
From the reliably very conservative National Review:
It has been a disastrous morning for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The major problem with his testimony is that Gonzales maintains, in essence, that he doesn’t know why he fired at least some of the eight dismissed U.S. attorneys. When, under questioning by Republican Sen. Sam Brownback, Gonzales listed the reasons for each firing, it was clear that in a number of cases, he had reconstructed the reason for the dismissal after the fact. He didn’t know why he fired them at the time, other than the action was recommended by senior Justice Department staff.

Later, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham returned to the subject. “Mr. Attorney General, most of this is a stretch,” Graham told Gonzales. “I think most of them [the U.S. attorneys] had personality disagreements with the White House, and you made up reasons to fire them.” Gonzales disagreed but had nothing to support his position.

Throughout the morning, Gonzales insisted that he is the man in charge of the Justice Department, and accepted responsibility for the firings, but his testimony suggests he had little idea what was going on.
That's the benign judgment of Gonzales' friends. Imagine what the less forgiving assessments are.


Anonymous said...

“I now understand there was a conversation with myself and the president."

Is he trying to win the "government official sounding like an idiot" contest?

Anonymous said...

I must be missing the point somehow ?

Do they not serve at the pleasure of the president ?

My father-in-law was a U.S. Marshal
and did a great job, but as soon
as Bush was in office all the Marshals that were democrats were booted out.

If all of these attorneys were democrats then I would expect that they would be let going, even if they are doing a good job. That's the way it works.