Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dean To Be 'Major Hurricane' Monday

Today's Miami Herald reports NHC forecasters expect Tropical Storm Dean "to reach the outer Caribbean islands by Friday evening and continue heading west or west-northwest, possibly endangering the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba early next week." By Monday, "it is expected to become a major hurricane, with winds of 115 mph."

While a separate storm in the Gulf is likely to strengthen enough today to be give the name Erin, it threatens only the far south coast of Texas and northeastern Mexico.

Pensacola Beach residents will remember the last Erin. August 6, 1995. It came ashore just 61 days before Hurricane Opal.

And so the season has begun at last.

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Bryan said...

Erin was useful in 1995 clearing out the weak trees and utility poles before Opal hit. There was a good deal less debris after Opal because so much got knocked down by Erin.