Saturday, November 17, 2007

Il Menu Ispirato

The story: Friends rent an apartment in Rome for a 10-day vacation. Return home, thrilled.

The scene: Friends spend two days at home preparing a dinner party for friends and family, with all they have learned about exotic Italian cheeses, wines, pastas, meats, vegetables, and -- the very best part -- desserts.

The dialogue: Friends seem to have temporarily misplaced the CD-ROM with their vacation photos. There is no home movie or slide show to endure. How sad. Guests make do by exchanging hilarious and engrossing tales of their own lives, the books they have written, and the books they are writing. One of them is finishing an anti-self-help book about why you should avoid those late-night TV info-mercials about how to become a millionaire by buying real estate. They did it, and it nearly killed them.

The menu (with a few scattered splotches of food):

[click to enlarge]
Truly, a dinner party to remember.

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