Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bush Endorses Torture

Saturday, George W. Bush made history, of sort. He joined the ranks of Torquemada and a select few other political leaders in mankind's history by explicitly endorsing torture as a governing national policy for the Spanish Inquisition C.I.A.

It's his "legacy," says the New York Times. It's "the very talisman of his unchecked rule and his arrogant indifference to the rule of law," says Scott Horton.

No doubt most of the Sunday talking heads will offer Oh-So-Serious chatter about why waterboarding is not torture; or, even if it is, why it's okay as long as we are the torturers. Save yourself the time. Here's a send-up of the Beltway insanity that passes for Serious commentary these days, courtesy of The Onion:


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious how you view beheading people after kidnapping them and using their captivity for political purposes, and how do you rank that compared to waterboarding?

Second question: Are you aware that the Mexican police and prison guards routinely use a very similar practice and have for decades? I hear no outcry over their use of these practices, and I'm curious why that has not happened. Why, in other words, are we singling out ONE nation and not ALL nations?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if he views the existence of the sorts of folks that are here

to be a truly awful form of torture?

It's astonishing how in denial some people can be. Those loonbags there are all covering their ears going LAA LAAA LAAAA when it comes to the reality of the war.

Totally stark raving bonkers. I told them they were the Skull and Bones version of the Hitler Youth and they banned me. I'm suprised I lasted as long there as I did; just goes to show how stupid they are.

- freepublican83