Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Gulf Breeze Zip Code War

If there were any doubts about the discriminatory way in which the City of Gulf Breeze administers sewer and water rates by "zip code," Richard A. Snyder just dispelled them. The long-time chairman of the utility's "advisory board" has penned what surely must be one of the absolute worst op-ed articles ever given ink by the Pensacola News Journal.

That in itself is quite an achievement. No facts. No reasoned arguments. Just one long, inane whine: "Trust us."

Here are his talking points, in plain-speak:
  • A majority of the advisory board used to be from "improper" Gulf Breeze down-the-highway (32563). Now it isn't because we're all moving into Gulf Breeze proper (32561) where the rates are lower.
  • Sure, we're unpaid volunteers but we know what we're doing. Really, we do.
  • We have no real power, so don't blame us.
  • We advise the city to raise rates on "improper" 32563 residents down the highway, but it has never reversed one of our "votes!"
  • [Tautology alert!] "It is the City of Gulf Breeze's prerogative as an incorporated entity to control its own utility service separate from the 32563 service area."
  • Noblesse oblige.
  • City utility rates for "proper" 32561 residents have never been lower than, but sometimes they've been the same as, those for 32563. If you don't like it, see # 1, above.
  • The City does a lot of other wonderful things for people.
  • If you disagree, "there may be a board position open for you."
But first, you'll have to move to the "proper" zip code like the rest of them are doing.

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