Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pensacola Eyewash

About that "100" score for Pensacola's dirty water, Louis Cooper for the PNJ dutifully transcribes the greenwash from local officials and academics looking for research grants. It translates to, "Buy a filter."

Buy a freakin' filter?!
And, hey, while you're at it why not build your own highway, arm your own police force, build your own electrical plant, and park your own fire engine in the drive?

But the Grand Eyewash Prize for Environmental Stupidity goes to some academic dick named Snyder at the University of West Florida. We're told he actually gets paid to work as a professor at the "UWF Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation."

"We live in an industrial society," Snyder acutely observes. "There are chemicals everywhere. There's no way we're going to avoid that."

"That? That being, what? Industrial waste leaching into the water supply of one of the least industrial locales in all of America and not being cleaned up before home delivery? Consistently scoring worse on clean water than any other community in the nation? Worse than Pittsburgh and Cleveland, for goodness' sake?

At least as Louis Cooper transcribes it, Snyder's "diagnosis" seems to be, "So what?" And his "bioremediation" is, "Live with it."

Bejeebus. There's a guy who's been drinking too much Pensacola water.


ross said...

There's another option. Move somewhere else and be hysterical about all the stuff in that water.

Anonymous said...

Who's the uneducated spazz who wrote this? Do your homework and understand exactly how the score was calculated. Afterwards you'll understand why there's no need for concern.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see what the new smelting plant will add to the mix.

oh, and , uh, ross and anonymous...drink your 8 glasses a day!