Wednesday, January 26, 2005

60-Day Notice of Claim Form

It's that time in the Hurricane Ivan cycle when those who haven't yet achieved a satisfactory settlement with their state-regulated property insurance company are contemplating filing a lawsuit. More than four months have gone by since Hurricane Ivan devastated the Pensacola area, yet thousands of local homeowners still haven't had their claims properly adjusted.

Be aware that before filing a lawsuit, Florida Statute 624.155(3) requires that you file a 60-Day 'Civil Remedy Notice' on a form provided by the state's Office of Insurance Regulation. Directions as to how to fill out the form and the places to send it are on the final page of the form, which is formatted for Adobe Acrobat.

The required form can be downloaded by clicking directly on this url: DI4-363.

Or, copy-and-paste this url in your browser:

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