Sunday, July 10, 2005

Farewell for Now

The Boardwalk pier on Pensacola Beach, rebuilt after Ivan, is now well under water. Water and power were shut off to the beach several hours ago.

Near midday, wind gusts over 65 mph are beginning to be felt on the mainland. Trees are being bent by the stronger gusts. Electrical brownouts are playing havoc with power in various mainland neighborhoods.

At 11 am EDT Dennis was 100 mi SSE of Pensacola. According to the National Hurricane Center "earlier intensification has ceased" and the storm is now speeding over waters that are not quite as warm. Dennis "is moving rapidly enough that only modest changes in intensity are likely."

The center of the storm therefore is expected to make landfall as a Category 3 or 4. Hurricane force winds will be experienced on the mainland by early afternoon and will likely persist well into the night.

Signing off for now. Back when the power is restored, which may be several days to a week -- or even longer. In the meantime, tune to live Internet Radio at WUWF-FM .
The evil twin of Ivan now has the stage.....


BUZZ CREEK said...

Hope you have a good place to go. is still taking input from cell phone and email reports that get through. When time permits, some posts will be duplicted at the PNJ communities discussion boards. This command post is in NJ, so we don't expect to lose power, and hope this service will help some of our friends to communicate the situation for those inside and outside the zone of destruction.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of someone / some company that might need some labor / general carpentry help? I live in Penna., unemployed, and would need a place to stay as well. jb