Thursday, December 25, 2008

Letters to Santa (1899 Edition)

Newspaper this week featured a front page filled with "letters to Santa Claus" written to the Cumberland (Maryland) Evening Times in 1899. Too many to reproduce here, but here are a few excerpts:
Dear Santa Claus - I would like to have a nice express wagon, scrap book, and most anything that would suit a boy eight years old. Don't forget pap a box of tobacco for I am tired running to the store every evening.
Eugene Law, 28 Chestnut St.

Dear Santa Claus - Please bring me a bicycle, nice story book with lots of pretty pictures in it and anything else you can spare.
Gilbert Kohl, 300 N. Centre St.

Dear Santa Claus - I would like to have a ten dollar suit and a twelve dollar overcoat, four dollar hat, three dollar pair shoes, pair skates, sled, tool box, steam engine, magic lantern, story book, drawing slate, drawing slate, gun, drum, horn, texes pony, carriage, blackboard, ship, set of dominos, watch and chain, ring, engine and train, sandmill and false face.
John W. Yergiin, Md. Ave.

Dear Santa Claus —Please bring me a blackboard to write on, a little wagon and a nice Christmas tree and a nice yard, gun and lots of candy and nuts.
Frank Blaul, 252 N. Mechanic st.

Dear Santa — Please bring me a nice pocketbook, a pair kid gloves, a friendship bracelet, new dress, and umbrella.
Katharine Giles, 41 Decatur st.

Dear Santa Claus — Please bring me a doll, a bupgy, set of dishes, bureau, a ring, bracelet, watch, story book, stove, table lamp, candy, nuts, and oranges, wash tub and board, a glove, knife and fork, iron board pair shoes and clock.
Edna Johnston,105 Madison st.

Dear Santa Clause — Please bring me a double slate, double school bag, pair shoes and a pair gloves.
Regina Ryland, 128 N. Centre st.

Dear Santa - I think I have been a very good girl. I would like to have a new doll and a muff as my old one is too small and some new handkerchiefs, new dresses for my old dolls, you know I am satisfied with any thing you bring me, so bring me what you think best, and don't forget to trim my tree.
Beulah Kimble

Dear Santa - I hope you will not disappoint me. I would like to have a pretty book, a satchel, a sled, story book, pair kid gloves and some candy and nuts.
Myrtle I. Valentine, N. Centre street.

Dear Santa Claus - I would like to have a gold ring, a Golf cape and mackintosh and anything else you wish to bring me and don't forget my little sister Leota, for this is her first Christmas.
Bertha Scuber, 80 Decatur street.

Santa Clause— I send you this short note to open your heart for Christ-max & to fill the little girls & boys saks full of candy & tell Santa clouse not be stingy about it. Santa clouse help us out at the end of this year for you might be dead next year. For I hope we live to see another Santa Clouse & I hope you will be filled up with candy this max so we may all get some, divide small and serve all, & dont forget my little sister she is one year old but she cant write yet she is to little. But dont forget her in your prayers Santa Clous.
Susie McFadden, 137 Walnut street.

Dear Santa Clause - Please bring me a doll, a doll wash stand, a doll bed, some games, a box of paints, a doll stove, a little doll table and some story books.
Lillian Laing.

Dear Santa Claus - Please bring me a drum and a horse, a monkey in a box and toffie candy, nuts and oranges.
Will O'Neal

Dear Santa Claus - Please bring me a little trunk, little caster, wash-board, tub, wringer, clothes horse and if you have the clothes-line and pins I would like to have them and the rest of the toys give the other children.
Helen Stanley, 169 N. Mechanic street.

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