Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Drafting Errors"

Digby at Hullabaloo analyzes today's backstory on how "drafting errors" showed up in the latest iteration of the anti- pro-torture bill being negotiated between neocon Republican conservatives and plain 'ol Republican conservatives.

Among other changes slipped in over the weekend, as currently re-drafted detainees would be allowed to "respond" to evidence, but not examine it; judicial review via habeas corpus would be abolished; and American citizens, as well as enemy foreigners, who are arrested would be denied due process of law for as long as the "war on terror" persists.

Thus will American democracy die: not by the sword, but by a stroke of the pen.


Boone said...

"Thus will American Democracy die"...

Are you kidding? This hasn't been a "free" country for quite sometime now. Our freedoms have been slowly but consistantly eroding away for years. We teach our kids and remind ourselves over and over that we live in a free country. We have brainwashed ourselves so thoroughly that we actually become surprised when our courts take away a family home in order to bulldoze it for condo's that will bring in more tax revenue for the city. We are surprized, angered, perplexed and then after a few days we start ranting again that we are truely living in a free country. We haven't been free for a long time.

panicbean said...

If you haven't seen Iraq For Sale, then by all means do it now. Buy it if you have to, we did.

This country will never be America again, not ever. This administration has changed all of the basic tenets that we were founded on, and we will pay the price for years to come.

This is such a sad time for us, and the world.