Friday, September 15, 2006

What Would George Do?

If you need confirmation that a coup against the SRIA board by general manager Buck Lee is part of what lies behind county commissioner Mike Whitehead's effort to abolish the SRIA, check out Rick Outzen's blog for Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Frankly, we didn't even know the publisher of the Independent News had a blog. Good for him. Doubly good, given the constraints of a weekly newspaper and Outzen's sharp insights into local politics.

Outzen says he's been hearing rumors of a plot to abolish the SRIA "over the summer" and that there are two reasons behind it: "The buzz is that they want to raise the residential building cap on Pensacola Beach" and Buck Lee "believes he will be a county department head and no longer have the SRIA holding down his salary or voting on his contract."

On second thought, the SRIA board might not want to wait until February to get rid of Buck Lee. Right now, they're probably muttering to themselves, "What Would George Washington Do?"

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