Friday, March 02, 2007

Devil Through the Window

Isn't there a folk saying to the effect that when you shut the door against the devil he just flies in the window? Sad to say, we know of a couple who can prove it.

They shall remain nameless, out of respect for their privacy. Having lived in the Pensacola Beach-Gulf Breeze area for decades, they joined the exodus after Hurricane Ivan. "At our age," they explained to all who would listen, "we just can't face going through all the evacuating, the frightening storms, the devastation, and the long, ugly aftermath as we and our neighbors slowly start picking up the pieces."

So they sold out, picked up, and moved to.... ???

You guessed it. Enterprise, Alabama.

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Bryan said...

There is no place you can live that doesn't have problems, and the weather is definitely becoming worse.