Friday, March 23, 2007

World Turned Upside Down

"Jamaican authorities confirmed that the coach of the disappointing Pakistani national team had been strangled... .
* * *
"The murder has already roiled the Pakistani cricket world."
Just one question: how big could the "Pakistani cricket world" be?

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Bryan said...

It's huge, bigger than the fan base in the US for either baseball or football. It's a major prestige sport in Pakistan and they pay pay foreign coaches very well indeed.

They are no good at football/soccer but very good at cricket, winning international tournaments.

Getting beaten by the part-timers from Ireland is a huge scandal and there is major concern about game fixing, which has happened in the past.

The Pakistani captain was in hot water earlier for scuffing the ball, a major no-no and there were diplomatic protests as the official was Australian.

Personally, I prefer watch grass grow or paint dry, but if you listen to the BBC on WUWF you will learn more than is humanly compatible about cricket, except what the score means.