Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Touch 'Em!

First, Michigan freelance writer Nancy Nall stumbled on evidence of plagiarism by Tim Goeglein -- who is the "the White House's point man with evangelical Christians" -- in the pages of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

Then, spurred by Atrios' observation that "people rarely plagiarize just once," someone named Kenosha Kid found more writer crimes by Mr. Goeglein. Meanwhile, Goeglein apologized for the one plagiarism but didn't mention he had the habit.

Soon, everyone started getting into the act. Now, News-Sentinel editors have responded by saying, "We will not publish writings by Goeglein in the future."

It really does seem that if you scratch just about anybody in the Bush administration, your fingernails will comeback filthy.

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