Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday

Wednesday evening there will be a "spectacular" full eclipse of the moon, visible over most of North America. Weather permitting, haul that telescope out around 9:00 pm Pensacola (CST) time.

It seems unlikely, but you just might get a bonus view of Mr. Bush's diplomatically problematical but adolescently "manly" Star Wars demonstration. The satellite obliteration actually is rumored for Thursday, but with this carload of clowns in the White House, you never know.

As the International Herald Tribune editorializes --
The administration would have more credibility if it wasn't planning to oppose the latest Russian-Chinese draft treaty to ban weapons in space. That proposed treaty would not cover ground- or sea-based weapons, but it should. The U.S. should be working to ban all anti-satellite weapons. That is the best way to protect America's security and its credibility.

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