Monday, April 14, 2008

Document the Atrocities

Dept. of Children and Family Services: Atrocity No. 54, 348:
John Joseph Edwards Jr. is also suing the Department of Children and Families' private arm, claiming the agency's caseworker failed to recognize the signs of neglect.

On Thursday, Edwards' attorney, Gary Gossett, likened the conditions suffered by his client to a Nazi death camp. The lawsuit says Edwards underwent "physical and mental torture," to include starvation, beatings, head shaving and "unlawful confinement."
* * *
As the Allains' case wound its way through the judicial system, the spotlight also turned to DCF. Investigations were opened to determine how the abuse could have continued for so long if case workers were supposedly making monthly visits.

As we have said, "the worst agency in the state of Florida, if not the universe."

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Louise Uccio said...

I wish you the best of luck!

These animals deserve to pay for what they allow to happen to actually do to innocent children!!

Louise Uccio