Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They Get Letters

Pensacola pooh-bah Fred G. Levin has a letter-to-the-editor in today's PNJ. You'll have to scroll down to find "I See The Light."

Former law partner (for marketing purposes, anyway) Joe Scarborough won't be happy, in the unlikely event he cares at all. Unless, of course, this is just a local lawyers' version of The Battle of the Sexes intended to drum up more business.

Here's the version of Fred's letter that would have been printed if his personal valet-and-editor hadn't been on strike for higher wages:
Joe Scarborough... Mike Papantonio and Bobby Kennedy Jr. have all been my law partners, and I thought we pretty much agreed politically. I was, therefore, shocked when I read Joe Scarborough's column saying that he is now very conservative. * * * I remember Joe as a young congressman who had a bust of Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s dad on his desk.

Both Joe and Mike grew up [in] very meager circumstances[.] I [was raised] with a silver spoon in my mouth. Now, all three of us are doing quite well financially.

I thought... [we] were in agreement that rich people should pay big taxes in order to cover our government's outrageous expenses (including wars). There's no question that Mike [and Bobby] still believe that the rich should pay their fair share and not put obligations on our grandchildren.

Now that Joe has joined the world of the financially secure, he believes in the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

[Sarcasm alert:] After a great deal of reflection, I have now come around to Joe's way of thinking. I don't want to pay my fair share of taxes and I am, therefore, only going to read the columnist on the right side of the editorial page on Wednesday mornings.

Thank you, Joe Scarborough, for enlightening me.

— Fredric G. Levin

Okay. Not the most erudite, graceful, or convincing argument. But what the heck, Fred's heart is in the right place. And, after all, it's just a letter to the editor.

Since the PNJ apparently won't give him his own column, Fred should get a blog.

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