Saturday, April 05, 2008

Whitehead: 'Trapped' Again

Mike ("Bambi Killer") Whitehead has been busted again. In his long war against the truth, this time Whitehead seems to have broken Emily Post's law: when you decline a formal invitation to be the featured speaker at an event that's important to the host, be sure to give an excuse that can't be exposed as a blatant lie.

Jamie Page has the story for the Pensacola News Journal. She makes the most of it with appropriately cheap golfing puns:
Some Myrtle Grove volunteer firefighters are teed off.

The object of their wrath: Escambia County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead, who was teeing off at the Marcus Pointe Golf Club last Saturday morning instead of attending the Myrtle Grove Fire Department's 55th anniversary celebration.

And consider it a double bogey since Whitehead had told the firefighters he couldn't be there to be the main speaker because he'd be out of town.
This isn't the first time Whitehead has been caught in a lie. It seems to be a habit with him.

It was Wilson Robertson, who's running against Whitehead's bid for reelection, who blew the siren this time.
Robertson, a fellow member of Marcus Pointe Golf Club... let the firefighters know about Whitehead's stroke of subterfuge after seeing him golfing during a regular Saturday morning members' tournament.
Now, it's obvious that Robertson had a motive for penalizing Whitehead. But was it politics? Or concern for the integrity of the game?
Robertson normally would have played in the Saturday morning tournament, but he canceled to attend the Myrtle Grove event.
Maybe both.
Clarence Gulsby of Molino, who serves on the county's citizen fire advisory committee, said Whitehead should have been at the Fire Department, considering it's in his district.

"Nobody should tell you one thing and then do something else," Gulsby said. "That's not good ethics, let alone, politics."

It also makes you wonder about the scorecards Whitehead turns in, doesn't it?

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