Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tragedy at Blue Angels Show

The Blue Angels Air Show on Pensacola Beach was canceled early Saturday afternoon as "a severe thunderstorm hit Pensacola Beach" and lightning reportedly struck beach visitors. Early news reports quote Escambia County sheriff Ron McNesby as saying three people, as yet unnamed, were rushed to the hospital.

"We do not know the condition of the individuals as of yet," McNesby told the AP.

Inclement weather is rare for Blue Angels weekend. On one or two occasions in the past fifteen years, there have been enough clouds that the Blue Angels had to resort to their "low show." But this is the first complete wash-out in memory.

7-12 3:26 pm

The PNJ is reporting "at least four people" were struck by lightning.

7-12 3:45pm

Island Authority Buck Lee tells the PNJ efforts are underway to try to reschedule the air show for Sunday.

Current weather forecasts call for much the same on-again, off-again stormy conditions.

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