Monday, July 14, 2008

Bush Disses Dad's Drilling Ban

George W. Bush today lifted the executive order that bans drilling for oil off the Florida coast, near-shore California and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. It was Bush's father, George Herbert Walker Bush, who imposed the executive moratorium when he was president in 1990.

The bad seed son thus continues his Oedipal assault on his father's record. It's a "token move," as the International Herald Tribune observes.

Still, as of now a congressional ban enacted in 1981 is the only thing standing between Pensacola Beach's unique white sandy beaches and a disastrous oil slick. No thanks to Jeff ("Judas") Miller, (R-Chumuckla), Northwest Florida's lame congressman.

Miller has done his best over the past four years to erase the congressional ban. Fortunately for Florida and its millions of tourists and businesses that depend on tourism, so far the mendacious Miller has been as inept at that as he is at everything else in Washington. It's what comes of being a Bush puppet.

As for whether drilling would have any effect on escalating gas prices, forget it. As Senator Bill Nelson said again today:
"The fact is, the industry should be sinking wells in areas already under lease, before demanding control of millions of new acres or destroying long-protected lands," Nelson said in a statement.

"Clearly, Americans are being gouged. But we cannot allow the administration to take advantage of the situation to give away the store before the president leaves office."

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