Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Follow the Morris Money Poll

Some tens of thousands of dollars are missing at the Okaloosa County sheriff's office, the payroll was padded with high-salaried do-nothings, and the sheriff himself was on a Las Vegas junket when arrested. But suspended county sheriff Charlie Morris says he's broke.

This raises, shall we say, a suspicion that all that money washed through the sheriff's "bonus" system might have been misspent. Ya think?

But where did it all go? Pretend you're in Las Vegas, too. Place your bets here:

Where Did Morris' Money Go?
Toys for Tots
Bonuses for employees
Bling-bling for a mistress
Craps tables
Political campaign contributions
Hurricane insurance premium
Gun shows
Procede Hair Restorer
Lots of donuts
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