Saturday, March 07, 2009

When a Bank Run Is Deserved

Sometimes a bank acts so badly it deserves to have its depositors make a run on it. That admittedly nasty thought popped into our heads this morning as our eyes fell on a terrific headline over at the Huffington Post.

The story is based on this Bloomberg article describing Bank of America's continuing efforts to obstruct justice by clamming up over who got how much of the multi-billion dollar payoffs ... excuse us, bonuses... funded with your money, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer.

Since the hyperactive Huffington Post tends to change lead articles regularly, we made a screenshot for you -- and posterity:

For the uninitiated, "Omerta" is a Mafia term:
Omerta: the code of silence and one of the premier vows taken when being sworn into the Family. Violation is punishable by death.
Wikipedia has more, but you get the idea. Problem is, Wall Street doesn't get it at all.

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