Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 100 Percent Solution

Pensacola Beach Elementary School scored 100% across the board in the FCAT scores for reading and math, it was announced today. Congratulations, all!

To be sure, the FCAT system is badly flawed, and it's inappropriate to place too much emphasis on a single test like this when evaluating the overall quality of a school. It should be recognized, too, that the Pensacola Beach Elementary School largely manages to escape the important responsibility -- those who don't know any better might say 'burden' -- that so many other public schools shoulder in educating children who come from economically disadvantaged home environments.

But we'll leave all of that for another day. For now, all the teachers, students, administrators, parents, and other supporters of Penascola Beach Elementary School deserve a long, loud round of congratulatory applause. Keep up the great work!

Reading Scores, Escambia County Elementary Schools
Math Scores, Escambia County Elementary Schools

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