Friday, May 01, 2009

Eye Mote for Pensacola Tourists

It's taken nearly five years, now, and untold millions of dollars, but following Hurricane Ivan Escambia County has at last found a way to rebuild the fishing pier parallel to 3-Mile Bridge on the Pensacola side in such a way as to totally obscure the once-breathtaking view eastward from the bridge.

It took some doing, we're sure, but county officials made sure the pier will be exactly at eye level for passing vehicles. That way, you won't be able to enjoy the water view unless you bring a pole and pay the fishing fee -- or drive on to Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.

Thanks, Escambia County!


Derek Cosson said...

I hate it too, but to present the other side of the story, the County says they had to build it that high to comply with FEMA regulations (as they're building it with FEMA money).

Mike said...

They don't think folks look out the window when they come to this town.

Take a look at that industrial junkyard they placed at the entrance to downtown in front of the beautiful new bridge on Cervantes. No wonder the new housing on each side is still FOR SALE. What a view!

It looks like you are entering an industrial zone not an historic city ttrying to lure residents and businesses.


annie said...

I have recently made a trip back to P'Cola and was dumbstruck the first time I went across the 3 mile bridge. I kept screaming...literally screaming...WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? I was so disappointed.

What use to be a highlight of my trip from Gulf Breeze to work is now an eyesore.

Way to go guys.

hcg said...

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