Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fraudulent American Journalists


Glenn Greenwald:
Over and over and over, our most influential American media outlets publish false stories based on government "sources" who purposely lie to them, and they never report on the real story -- who are the government sources lying to the American public while hiding behind shields of anonymity granted to them, and maintained by, our nation's "journalists"?
What's more, if you really want to know what's going on you have to read the foreign press.
[T]he only real reason that we learned of the pervasive deceit in the Jessica Lynch case is because the foreign press -- principally the BBC and The Guardian -- aggressively investigated the U.S. government's claims. And they did so because officials in the British Government were appalled at how deceitful were the claims being made by the Pentagon, and how passive and uncritical our press was in passing it along.
Odd, that. They don't have a First Amendment in Great Britain. We do. Do you suppose such constitutional freedoms are wasted on American journalists?

To find out, tune in tonight to "Buying the War" on Bill Moyers Journal, broadcast by most PBS stations. Here's a teaser:

Apr. 25 AM

Thomas Langley over at Light and Life points out the humiliating mention of the Northwest Florida press in tonight's documentary:
Moyers also asserts that editors at the Panama City (Fla.) News-Herald received an order from above, "Do not use photos on Page 1A showing civilian casualties. Our sister paper has done so and received hundreds and hundreds of threatening emails."

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Anonymous said...

The "sister paper" would probably be Okaloosa County's own Northwest Florida Daily News, both are owned by Freedom Communications.