Sunday, April 01, 2007

McCain's Walk on the Wild Side

Think Progress has tonight's NBC nightly news report on John McCain's effort to rescue his reputation by proving 'an American can walk in some neighborhoods in Baghdad.'

It turns out he can -- if he's guarded by over 100 American soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters, two Apache gunships, and wears a bullet-proof vest. Even before this latest laugher, the question was being asked last week, "Is John McCain Insane?"

That wasn't us asking the question. It wasn't even Wolf Blitzer or Michael Ware, either, although war correspondent Ware certainly came close.

No, the question was posed by senior national security journalist John Ackerman, who has just returned from Baghdad. The answer, apparently, is yes -- John McCain must be insane.
Absolutely nowhere in Baghdad is it advisable to parade about in an unarmed or unarmoured vehicle. Those who do so, typically, are Iraqi policemen who patrol in pickup trucks, which after a few turns around the neighbourhood, are torn to pieces by bullet holes and shrapnel. US troops, embedded in what are known as Joint Security Stations - secured posts throughout Baghdad neighbourhoods that house Iraqi soldiers, cops and national policemen as well - would never do anything as suicidal. Force protection remains a massive concern for every commander I encountered.

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