Thursday, May 28, 2009

West and East Santa Rosa Islands

Now that all the Memorial Day Weekend tourists have gone home, untanned and soaked to the skin, we're allowed by the Beach Chamber of Money Changers to discuss the local weather.

What happened to Fort Pickens Road last week, less than one day after its long-awaited reopening, during a Spring storm that wasn't all that unusual, is very worrisome. Barrier Island Girl documented the flooding with photos.

What we snagged, on the other hand, is an image of the view of Fort Pickens Road in the year 2020:

Not really. That's a picture of East Ship Island from West Ship Island, courtesy of Alexey Sergeev.

Until Hurricane Camile in 1969, Ship Island, Mississippi and Santa Rosa Island, Florida, shared a very similar history, both geologically and otherwise. It looks inevitable that they will, again.

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Duralee said...

This picture is beautiful. It looks very nice & relaxing there. I love the beach, and this blog was very interesting. thank you!