Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ida Calling in 36-48 Hours

Ida at present is a Cat 2 hurricane. NHC Advisory: "A hurricane watch has been issued east of the Mississippi/Alabama border to Mexico Beach, Florida."

Highlights from the 11:00 am NHC discussion:
  • Hurricane Ida is moving a little faster than projected earlier.
  • This means it will reach the northern Gulf Coast a little quicker than previously believed, and the likelihood of a sudden turn to the East before landfall has diminished.
  • "The center of Ida" will make landfall in 38-48 hours.
  • That center, however, could well have deteriorated to something less than a hurricane.
  • Pensacola Beach remains near the center of projected landfall.
Rain, wind, and some beach erosion. That much looks unavoidable.

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