Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Can Jeff Miller Say?

Steve Benen:
For all the talk about vulnerable Democrats having to defend their support for reform, let's not overlook the fact that GOP incumbents are likely to hear more about their vote supporting their version of reform again. After all, the Republican plan was pretty ridiculous -- the GOP alternative did nothing for the uninsured, nothing for those with pre-existing conditions, and nothing for those worried about losing coverage when it's needed most. * * * The GOP proposal sought to create a system that "works better for people who don't need health care services, and much worse for people who actually are sick or who become sick in the future. It's basically a health un-insurance policy."

And as we learned yesterday, the plan included provisions that "mirror the suggestions put forth by the lobbying entity of the private insurance industry way back in December 2008."

Expect this vote to come up quite a bit next year.
What can Jeff Miller say to Northwest Floridians? How about, 'I voted for the bill drafted by the health insurance industry because I want you to go away.'

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Anonymous said...

Jeff Who? Talk about irrelevant. I'm sure he is right there in the dictionary if you look the word up.