Saturday, October 16, 2004

Beach Residents Meet Tuesday

Don Ayres informs that all beach residents are invited to another public meeting Tuesday, October 19, at the Methodist Church. The SRIA apparently will be discussing the current status of things, construction rules, etc. It is unknown if county administrator George Tuart will be hiding backstage, as he did last time.

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Greg said...

Just out of curiosity, did anyone hear Touart at any of the early press conferences? I seem to recall hearing various Escambia County personnel in the first few days after Ivan on one of the radio stations carrying the meetings, including some surprisingly lucid, reassuring and helpful information from Sheriff McNesby, but I don't recall hearing Touart.

Then again, maybe I wasn't listening at the right time.

Anyway, all you PNS Beach residents should take heart from the 10/17 PNJ articles. Apparently, even if you can't get to your house, you're almost guaranteed to be able to eat at a restaurant AND charter a fishing boat before November 1.