Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blog Flaw?

Other than being a bit slow to navigate via dial-up, the only problem I can find with this particular blog format is that it doesn't show anything in the initial listing of messages to denote there's been a comment added to an existing post, other than maybe by moving the message to the top of the chronological list (if it does) -- assuming the post wasn't there already.

In the case of my "SBA Loan" post, for example (which was already in the topmost position), I found out only by accident that Barrett had posted a comment on it, and, since he hasn't responded to my response to his, I'm wondering whether or not he realizes there's an addition.

Or am I missing something? I do that a lot, you know.

On another subject, I found it somewhat amusing that, in spell checking this post, the software the blog employs didn't recognize the word "blog".

1 comment:

Beach Blogger said...

Gosh you're hard to please, Linda. Is every glass in your home rubble half empty?

Actuially, it's good to have your suggestion. Every blog format has its negatives, of course. I'll see what can be done about this one. In the long run, we'll be integrating a blog with the old web site and can change a lot of things.

As for my email addy, I'd rather not post it on the web again for the spam-meisters. (I have all the penis enlargement emails I cna use right now). If you can't figure it out from what you see here, give me a call. Mediacom is no longer for me. Hard to connect a cable to a sand dune.