Sunday, October 24, 2004

Just Checking In

Hey there, boys and girls! It's nice to be here. As with most, if not all of you, our lives here in refugee land are way too wound up in post-Ivan matters (for instance, I spent the whole friggin' day trying to put together the first month's ALE application for Citizens, and STILL didn't get the blankety-blank thing done), but I'll try to check in now and again.

Wondering what Barrett means when he implies his evacuation phase is about to end.... Hope it means he's coming back to the area to roost.

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Beach Blogger said...

Welcome, Linda. Looking forward to your posts here. We should have the old (revised) site working soon enough, and I will find a way to integrate this as a section.

I don't know about 'roosting' but I'm in the local area, struggling to find workers, construction materials, sensitive insurance adjusters, and all the other comforts of a refugee.

I suppose it's better around here than in Darfur. At least no one is shooting at us -- yet.