Sunday, February 05, 2006

Area Blogs Update

Extend a welcoming handshake to the newest Pensacola area blog, Living on the Gulf Coast, which summarizes interesting news stories from Pensacola and along the Northwest Florida coast. If it sometimes seems a little like News of the Weird, we have only ourselves to blame.

LGC joins the following local area blogs, which we also index along the right side of our home page.
  • Barrier Island Girl
  • Daily photos, bits 'o poetry, and occasional hilarity from the "Erma Bombeck of Pensacola Beach."

  • Chumuckla Now
  • A group blog from the "hamlet" of Chumukla. Not much going on right now. They must be hibernating.

  • Dome of a Home
  • Valerie and Mark Sigler's storm-proof dome home is the focus of this Pensacola Beach web site.

  • Greg's Page O' "Why Bother?" (Pensacola)
  • This is the blog version of Greg's more permanent web site, known as "Greg's Page O' Fun". If your boss is watching, you can look busy and smart by displaying Greg's WorkHelp 1 and WorkHelp 2 on your monitor screen. Lots of impressive-looking footnotes! The only thing missing is the text that goes with them.

  • (PNJ)
  • The 'official unofficial' blog by Gannett Corporation's Pensacola News Journal editor Kent Cockson.

  • Living on the Gulf Coast
  • Just started. Let's see how it grows.

  • No High
  • Dedicated to fighting the good fight on Pensacola Beach, win, lose, or slow 'em down a lot.

  • Panhandling
  • Described (and edited) as mostly entirely a personal journal" this blog covers the Florida Panhandle from "Arts" through "Nerds" to "Wine." Also, it's guarded by two handsome slug-a-beds.

  • Pensacola Beach Preservation and Historical Society
  • Same as No High, with additional news.

  • Pensacola Beach Today
  • With help from participating beach residents, in time this can become the successor to the now defunct Send 'em news, views, and on-site reports about SRIA meetings.

  • Save Five Flags
  • Photos, newsletters, a message board, and even an interactive history quiz about the Five Flags Motel on Pensacola Beach.

  • Why Now? (Cinco Bayou)
    From nearby Cinco Bayou, this is an "On-line Opinion Magazine featuring annoyed rumblings from the leading edge of the Baby Boom firmly tied to a reality-based world." Bryan has disclosed he formerly worked for a spooky federal agency or two. He knows whereof he speaks -- and listens.
If we've missed anyone let us know in the comments section or by email.

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