Saturday, February 18, 2006

Smile! You're on Traffic-Cam!

No one can get a live operator anymore. Pretty soon we won't be able to get arrested by a live cop, either.

Gulf Breeze is joining a number of other Florida cities who've installed traffic cameras designed to capture and convict speeding motorists, Tampa Bay Online reported this week. The weekly Gulf Breeze News covered the same news.

City officials have strategically positioned the cameras at Highway 98 and Daniels Road. There, in Gulf Breeze Proper, demented traffic engineers designed one of the most confusing intersections in Western Civilization. Daniels Road interesects the main drag on a diagonal line from southwest to Northeast, while nearby Gulf Breeze High School's parking lot exits intersect the main drag from west to east.

If the camera catches someone running a red, the City plans to mail the offending motorist a $100 citation. It then becomes the motorist's burden to prove he's not guilty.

In addition to reporting the move, the Gulf Breeze News ran a sidebar of man-in-the-street interviews. The question: "What’s your opinion on traffic cameras in Gulf Breeze?"

Answers more or less range from "Whaaa?" to "I hope they ship 'em to Cuba and hold 'em without trial, too."

In other words, no one interviewed seems to object. But the whole man-in-the-street schtick sure does look familiar to us.


Bryan said...

Depending on how the traffic law is written, this may not even in the same universe as legal.

The ticket belongs to the driver, not the owner. If the picture doesn't show the driver, it isn't evidence, because the vehicle doesn't drive itself.

If you need more officers, hire more officers.

lou in denver said...

you've certainly hit the nail on the head, so it would seem..
been a long time since i passed through gulf breeze..
and the traffic at that time was a daytime nightmare come true..
almost like being in the twilight zone..

Megan F said...

As I understand it the owner of the vehicle has 30 days to respond if they were not driving that day. Then the ticket can be forwarded onto the operator of the vehicle. It has worked successfully in Europe for a very long time. The Gulf Breeze paper reported it to be a tool for catching people who run red lights. I would like to see it as a way to catch speeders too. As a resident of Gulf Breeze I am tired of people breaking the law. As for for officers? we have plenty! They never seem to be around though when someone is speeding through the Daniel Drive intersection, and especially when there is a flashing light during school times. Start mailing fines to people. If you lend the car to someone then you can must reveal the name of the driver. Don't conceal the name of someone who broke the law. Make them take responsibility. Just SLOW DOWN please!