Friday, February 10, 2006

Fewer Rentals, Higher Rents

Lesley Conn's top-of-the-front-page headline article, FEMA To Charge for Trailers is good news for some 2,000-plus people still homeless nearly 17 months after Hurricane Ivan, even though the agenc hasn't yet set rents.

Pensacola continues to feel the effects of Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina. One of Conn's sources says "about 1,000 rental units in the market that were reasonably priced units that are not coming back." Another reports some apartment buildings are converting to condominiums or selling out to nearby businesses. As a ride around town shows, there also are many multi-family dwellings that still have not been repaired.

Living in a FEMA trailer is no picnic, but it's better than the street.

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Bryan said...

It is getting to the point in Okaloosa County that there is no place to put a trailer, even if you own land. The county doesn't want them and we have been losing parks for the last decade as the land is cleared for tacky houses packed together like military housing and selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Pretty soon the only trailers here will belong to FEMA.