Friday, October 20, 2006

The Confidential Informant

Prosecutors in the Dr. Dino tax evasion trial yesterday apparently tried to make it look like it was a Pensacola Christian College executive who blew the whistle on Kent Hovind's tax evasion scheme.

According to the tag-team news report by Angela Fail in the local paper, Christian College vice-president Rebekah Horton testified yesterday that it was she who informed on Dr. Dino and turned taped evidence over to the feds. As Fail succinctly explains:
"[Dr. Dino] Hovind believes he and his employees work for God, are paid by God and therefore aren't subject to taxation."
Here's the surprise: according to the news report, the Pensacola Christian College executive "believed it was the college's duty to report the misleading doctrine." Consequently, the PCC vice-president testified, "Administration called the Internal Revenue Service and gave the tape to officials... ."

"Misleading doctrine"? Good grief! If PCC faculty and staff see it as their "duty" to "report...misleading doctrine" they're going to be awfully busy turning in every magical thinker out there -- starting with the screwball faculty and staff at Pensacola Christian College itself.

The truth is, the feds really didn't need Horton's crime tip. Earlier reports establish that "Dr. Dino" and the U.S. Government had been thoroughly entangled, in court and out, for years. Kent Hovind has been filing frivolous lawsuits and bogus bankruptcy claims against the IRS for much of the last decade.

Moreover, videotapes of Hovind's multi-part seminar on why Christians of his particular flavor- of-choice lived alongside dinosaurs and shouldn't pay their taxes have been in the public domain for as long as Kent Hovind has been fleecing simpletons with his Dr. Dino act. Various copies are now available on the web.

In the third video segment of a 2003 'seminar' given in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Dr. Dino happens to make an admission against interest relevant to the ongoing trial. In fake-folksy introductory remarks while speaking of his wife and adult children, Hovind says:
"We live in Pensacola, Florida. We have three kids, all married, and the dog died. I made it -- I'm home free. It's wonderful. And all three of my kids work for me... ."
Take a look, if you don't mind risking the health of your brain. The admission comes at minute 1:04, so you don't have to watch all 3 hours of his hokum.

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Bryan said...

PCC has had its own problems with the tax guys in the past, especially its Abeka Books operations, so they probably feel that they are under the microscope when it comes to anything not directly related to their core operation. They may even have felt that they were being set up for the tax guys by Hovind.

I'm not the slightest surprised that they want to portray themselves as "whistle blowers": if I had had their interest and penalties, I would be reporting everyone and their brother to stay on the good side of the "revenuers".